T.H.E. Cotton Candy


Effective claims management has been integral to T.H.E.’s success over its 30+ year history. We utilize a customer-centered process, along with value-added loss mitigation and recovery advice to create a differentiated client experience. Our claims staff works exclusively with the amusement and entertainment business and understands the unique needs of our customers and the equipment they use.

Our claims department has a superior track record and is one of the secrets to our success. Our 24 / 7 claims phone is answered by one of our staff adjusters, not an answering service. We have consistently endeavored to resolve claims through our regular processes rather than pursuing arbitration or litigation. We also aggressively defend frivolous lawsuits to protect our customers and the industries we serve.

Loss Notices:

Automobile and Property Loss Notice

Liability Accident Report

To report a claim, call 727-367-6700

Only in the event of a catastrophic injury or property damage loss that occurs after hours, call 727-244-4683