T.H.E. Child

About T.H.E.

T.H.E. provides specialized underwriting and claims expertise with focused professionals solely dedicated to the amusement and entertainment industry.  The specific insurance requirements for the amusement and entertainment industries are unique. Because of our experience in this arena, we know and understand these requirements. 

Comprehensive tailored coverage is available at competitive prices that have been developed during our long-term partnership with the amusement industry.  We also offer unique expertise and individual account underwriting along with financial strength and stability that you can count on.

Our claims department is unparalleled. Collectively, our claims team has a combined 100+ years of experience.  This knowledge allows us to quickly understand and process incoming claims. We continuously work with our customers to find and eliminate fraud which helps reduce ultimate claim costs and premiums.  We also partner with a strong network of defense attorneys throughout the country when the need arises.

The T.H.E. team was founded by experienced insurance professionals and veterans of the amusement industry.  We have been and remain dedicated solely to the amusement and entertainment markets. Our mastery is unparalleled.  We work with you and your clients every step of the way to create specifically tailored policies and risk management solutions that meet your client’s business needs.

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